Submitting School Assignments

How to submit your coursework

You can submit your homework via email or mail.

If submitting by e-mail:

Please attach the document to your e-mail and submit it to

When submitting course work you must include an introduction page to each assignment submitted.  Just copy and paste the below title page information into the 1st page of your submitted work
  • Submitting Coursework Title Page
  • Name:
  • Student ID#:
  • Coursework Title:
  • Course Number:
  • To the degree you are receiving:
  • Name of school:
We at BBC expect a good 10 to 20 page summary paper of each textbook for all Masters and Doctorate work.
For all Undergraduate Courses a 3-5 summary paper for each textbook of each lesson must be submitted. The summary paper must be 12 font double spaced.
All forms must be done in a Microsoft Word format document or as a .pdf file to attach to the e-mail.
If you don’t have Microsoft Word, you may copy and paste the text directly into the body of the e-mail.

The Self Test can be done online and counts as a quiz in the grading process. The Final Exam must be e-mailed or mailed and graded by the school.

If submitting by mail:

Please include a self addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Bethel Bible College and Seminary
Attn: School Assignments
P.O. Box 1255
Troy, AL 36081