Bible Institute

If you desire to be a student and don’t have a high school diploma, we can assist you. We have the Bible Institute correspondent course that will allow you to just take certain courses for your ministry needs. You can receive knowledge in curriculum that will benefit you in ministry. All you have to do is complete the enrollment application. Once we enroll you, then you can choose the desired course by purchasing the course and the book. Just that simple. The student admission will assist you.

Bible Institute Textbooks

All Bible Institute textbooks must be purchased directly through Bethel Bible College. All textbooks purchased through the college will be distributed by the college to the student. All materials purchased through the college are yours to keep whether you continue with the course or not. No refunds will be issued for the curriculum. All other textbooks may be purchased online through various distributors, of which we provide the link to allow you to purchased the appropriate curriculum for the course. The student is responsible for having the all appropriate material at the start of the course.

**Once the book is purchased, the file will appear and then save it to your computer.**


Your New Life

Counselor, Teacher and Guide

What The Churches Do

Helping Christians Grow

People, Tasks and Goals

The Christian In The Community

John’s Gospel

Understanding the Bible

Preaching and Teaching

Bible Ethics

Starting New Churches

Solving Life’s Problems

Personal Evangelism

Alive in Christ

Marriage and the Home

Your Bible

Who Jesus Is

The Teaching Ministry

How to Study Your Bible

Spiritual Gifts

Discipleship in the 21st Century

Highlights in the Life of Christ

Prayer and Worship

The Church

The Counterfeit Wealth

Christian Maturity