The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education Degree develops the student for work of the ministry. This degree will help the student develop the knowledge for general ministry work. They will be able to perform pastoral duties, layman work, and etc.

Bachelor Degree Requirements 

A student must have achieved an Associate Degree for an accredited College or University. We will accept a transcript of job seminars credits or past military experiences.

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• BCE-520- Basic Christian Education/ by Karen Tye
• BCE-521- A Theology of Christian Education / By James R. Estep and Michael Anthony
• BCE-522- History of Christian Education/ by Michael Anthony and Warren S. Benson
• BCE-523- Christian Religious Education/by Thomas H. Groome
• BCE-524- Old Testament Survey/by Andrew Hill and John H. Walton
• BCE-525- New Testament Survey/ by Robert H. Gundry
• BCE-526-Christian Education Handbook/by Ronald A. Horton
• BCE-527- Introduction to Christian Education/by George R. Knight
• BCE-528- Christian Education Leadership Making Disciples in 21st Century Church/by Bernard M. Spooner and Judy Morris
• BCE-529- Shaping Christian Worldviews: The Foundation of Christian Higher Education/ by David S. Dockery and Gregory Thornbury