The Associate of Arts in Ministry Degree prepares the student for the work of ministry. This degree will create a foundation in the ministry areas of evangelism, pastoral care, teaching ministry, and the direction how to be a church planter.

Associate Degree Requirements

A student must have a High School Diploma or GED to enter into this program.

Text Books

Most textbooks must be purchased directly through Bethel Bible College at $25 per book. All textbooks purchased through the college will be distributed by the college to the student. All materials purchased through the college are yours to keep whether you continue with the course or not. No refunds will be issued for the curriculum.

All other textbooks may be purchased online through various distributors, of which we provide the link to allow you to purchased the appropriate curriculum for the course. The student is responsible for having the all appropriate material at the start of the course.

**Once the book is purchased, the file will appear and then save it to your computer.**
AAM-200 Personal Evangelism

AAM-201 The Church

AAM-202 Marriage and the Home

AAM-203 What Churches Do

AAM-204 The Teaching Ministry

AAM-205 The Christian in His Community

AAM-206 Your Bible

AAM-207 Who Jesus Is


AAM-208 21st Century Discipleship

General Studies Courses Required for AAM

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